Hand Gluing

Madcar was founded over 41 years ago by providing hand gluing services to printing companies. We continue to provide hand gluing services directly to printing companies as well as all of our clients in assembly operations.

Hand gluing is a difficult process that we have mastered over the years by understanding materials, adhesives and various designs. By performing neat, clean and consistent gluing on all materials and designs in the industry, we can hand glue capacity folders, lenticular designs, pop up designs and anything else today’s designers and marketing departments can come up with.

We also supply and apply Velcro closures, cords, elastic bands, ribbons, handles and clasps, eyelets, grommets, CD/DVD hubs and trays, and many other specialty requirements.

These specialized capabilities, combined with assembly and fulfillment operations, allow our customers to enjoy Madcar as a full-service option, saving time, money and multiple vendors. They also enable our printing partners to offer full service to their customers - making them more competitive in their industry.